tip for

planning a wedding

that is

totally you

Planning a wedding can be really overwhelming. Lucky for you, I am here to help you! I have learned a thing or two about what can make a wedding day feel like it is cohesive and reflects the couple, resulting in a super beautiful day that everyone will enjoy and remember! Here are my top wedding planning tips:

At first..

1 - Think Big Picture

Picture your dream wedding. This is the dreaming phase, so don't worry about how much something will cost or how it will work, just picture your dream wedding. What do you see? Here are a couple of questions to consider while everything is coming together in your head.

  • Big or intimate?
  • Outdoors or indoors?
  • Hometown or destination?
  • Modern, classic, romantic, vintage, rustic or all-out glam?
  • Fancy, casual or somewhere in between?
  • Spring, summer, winter or fall?

2 - Consider hiring an wedding planner.

If you are truly wanting somebody to help you understand how your wedding can be a reflection of you, there is no person better prepared to help you do this than an wedding planner. They can help you create the vision, or take any existing vision and bring it to life, all within the parameters of your budget.

Trust me, you will not regret hiring somebody to help you create the wedding of your dreams! I work with 2 truly incredible wedding planners on a regular basis, and I would happily give you their information.

3 - Spend some time checking out bridal magazines, books, blogs and real wedding photos.

Collect your ideas on an inspiration board—it's one of the best ways to keep everything organized. It will also help you identify common threads and visualize how various elements will look together. Seeing it all together can help you realize what you like and what you actually don't. Eliminate things that you find don't actually fit the overall look you gravitate to!

This will hopefully lead you to see connections, in theme and in color! Which leads you to...

4 - Picking your colors!

Color is a unifying factor among all your wedding elements, from your wedding website to the bridesmaid dresses.

Take a look at a color wheel to determine which shades you're drawn to.

The easiest way to make all of your wedding elements come together is to stick with one main color and an accent color. But, don't feel limited to just one or two colors—adding neutral or metallic accents will make your palette robust.

5 - Remember the vibe you want!

The theme affects the overall look of your wedding, but it can also set the tone. How do you want your guests to behave at your wedding?

An evening wedding in a ballroom, conjuring the roaring twenties, will ramp the chic, while a clambake on the beach will have guests kicking off their shoes and feeling relaxed and casual.

Either is great, as long as it feels right to you. You want your personalities and passions to shine through, which is what ultimately makes your wedding stand out and feel special.



Remember, the most important thing to do while trying to plan your wedding is to have fun with it! If, at any point, you feel stressed, take a breather, do something fun with your fiance and come back to the planning when you feel ready and inspired!