Bridals & First Look

What can a bridal session do for you?


A bridal photoshoot can benefit you in many ways. Are you wondering about the reasons to go for a bridal session? Don’t think too hard because this list can help you to make your decision real quick.


A bridal session is your rehearsal for the wedding day. It can also help you to get comfortable with your photographer; you will know how to pose like a pro. You will be more confident and self-assured at your reception!

Why the bridal session?

  • What is worse than dressing up in a beautiful and gorgeous outfit and don’t get the chance to take enough pictures of your stunning looks? Your bridal portraits will be as beautiful as you will look on your wedding day.
  • Brides who have their bridal sessions can easily change their looks on the wedding day if they are not satisfied with the preparation during the bridal session.
  • It is the time when you order a floral bouquet and decides if you want changes in the color of flowers for the wedding day or if you want to have a different bouquet.
  • On the wedding day, there is always a problem with timeline, fatigue, and stress with brides. The bridal pictures that are taken during the bridal session always show better results than the images during the wedding day.
  • If you are looking perfect at the bridal session, then you know how you are going to look on your wedding day.
  • You can bring your family and friends to your bridal session to have a perfect wedding photoshoot that might not be possible at the reception because of all the hustle.
  • It can allow you to get bridal portraits on an ideal location. You can decide on a destination other than your bridal venue to have beautiful photographs. It can be any place other than your site. Nowadays, beaches are an attraction for bridal sessions. You can also go to hiking spots, gardens, or historical buildings.
  • You can always invite your beloved to the bridal photoshoot to create a moment to remember, the first look. Get perfect photographs with your fiancé that can never be done on the wedding day because of the hectic timeline. You’ll be more comfortable because you don’t have anxiety or stress.

When should you take bridal portraits?

There is no compulsion of time. It is always better to schedule a bridal session 3 to 4 weeks before your wedding day. It is an ideal time to have your bridal photoshoot because your outfit will be completely ready to wear.


If you feel that your dress needs any alteration, then you will still have some time to make it work. 

How much does bridal photo shoots cost?

The cost of bridal portraits depends on the location, packages, and experience. My bridal sessions start at $340.


Chelsea Thompson

“Haley was SUCH a joy to work with!! She an absolute delight and has such an amazing spirit and presence. I love each and every photo she did for my husband and I and we will definitely work with her again!!! You'll never regret hiring this gal, her attitude and professionalism are amazing and her work is spectacular!”

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