my favorite Utah bridal shops

to find the wedding dress of your dreams!

This is one of the most important choices you will make for your wedding day. don't rush it!

Finding the wedding gown of your dreams can be overwhelming. After all, this is your first time trying on wedding dresses, and it's the most expensive item of clothing many women will ever own, so feelings can be intense while wedding dress shopping. Try to RELAX, and enjoy the experience.

My biggest tips are to:

  • Know the budget before shopping. Be very upfront with the dressing room assistant and do not let her bring you dresses that are above your budget. Nothing is worse than falling in love with a dress that you should not have tried on in the first place.
  • Go to more than one bridal shop. Try on every style of dress you can. You might be surprised at how much you like something on, that you didn't like when it was on the hanger. Go in with an idea of what you think you will like, but also have an open mind!
  • Bring kind and supportive friends. You need to feel beautiful in the dress, and when you find the one, you don't need arguments from the peanut gallery.
  • Wear the same bra that you will wear on your wedding day. Bring the shoes too!
  • Have fun, enjoy the process!

My 3 favorite bridal shops in utah

mary's bridal

I love how everyone at Mary's Bridal cares about you and your day. They have the most unique selection of gowns, and have a room for modest dresses too. This would be my first stop!

Of all the Utah bridal shops, this one has the most unique options, so if you want something really fancy and unique, this might be your favorite Utah bridal shop!

Latter Day Bride

Has a cool program to try on dresses from home, from anywhere in the country. This is a great option for LDS brides, since most of their dresses are modest. They also have private rooms you can schedule for your appointment, for you and a few of your closest friends.

Plan the afternoon, prep the playlist, grab some sparkling cider and hop over to their showroom!


If I am being honest, I should have rented my dress. I spent over $2K on my dress, and it was stunning, but it has hung in my closet for 7 years untouched. There really isn't a point in keeping it, but it is too outdated to sell.

Laurel and Lace co. is amazing. It is owned and run by the kindest lady. She keeps all of her styles very up to date and only rents out dresses that are 0-3 years old.

utah bridal shop
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