Salty, textured, wet and dry

This location is other worldly, and absolutely epic for all types of photo sessions. If you want photos that will impress, be effortlessly gorgeous and make sure that you are the center of attention, the Salt Flats is the spot for you!

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Utah Salt Flats engagement photos

Mini Engagement Session with Taya & Miles

April 29th, 2022

This day was wild windy, like never before have I experienced winds like this, but despite the cold winds, we still managed to capture some magic with these two! I am so glad that we took the long drive, 1 hr and 45 minutes west of Salt Lake City, to the Bonneville Salt Flats for this beautiful engagement photos in Utah session on an overcast day, braved the winds, and had some fun!

My favorite part of this session, besides the way Taya and Miles look at each other, is that they opted for being barefoot. The ice flats are not soft like sand, and this probably wasn't super comfortable, but it looks super fitting for the space and their personalities. If you do engagement photos at the salt flats, I recommend either wearing shoes you do not mind ruining, or going barefoot, with a plan to wash your feet IMMEDIATELY, before leaving. The salt will dehydrate you super fast!

bonneville salt flats in utah

are epic, and the perfect spot for your next photoshoot.

Ways to prep for your Salt Flat Engagment Photos:

Pack lots of water for the car, and some towels too. The salt gets on everything and just the air at the flats dehydrates your skin quickly.

Bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer, because the bathrooms are rarely stocked.

Wear light tones that go nicely with the blue skies. I recommend light blues, light pinks, and purples, over tans and taupes.

Never wear Red or Navy/Black. Every bit of dust and dirt will show up on the dark color, and red can reflect red into your skin which isn't flattering.

Prep your hair style for wind, because the wind is a bit unpredictable at the flats.

Wear clothes you like, but don't mind ruining because the salt can be very difficult to get out of the clothes, and breaks down fibers quickly.

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